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A Complete Dry Cleaning & Wash Laundry POS Software System

Laundry POS is a complete Laundry Management POS System that includes the washing delivery schedule system, order management, hotel laundry clothes bar code system as well as features like liquid detergent vendor listings, it becomes easy to monitor out-going costs in running the business.

    Solving all your Laundromat needs

    • Staff management
    • Machine management and tracking
    • Customer experience and marketing
    • Advanced reporting and insights

    Ultimate Point of Sale

    • SMS & Email Notifications
    • Receipt Printer, Tag Printer & Label Printer support
    • Payments & Barcode Scanner support
    • Weight Scale and Laundry Cards Support

    Manage your Wash & Fold

    • Machine Activity & Maintenance
    • Machine Costs
    • Staff Productivity

    Vat Enabled Laundry POS

    Based on the accounting system in the United Arab Emirates, the module is equipped with laundry accounts with VAT compliance.

    Finally, a VAT POS System that Fits your Business

    Your search for the perfect VAT POS system is over. LAUNDRY VAT POS recognizes retail store and specialty store owners need a point of sale specifically tailored to their unique businesses. Our goal at LAUNDRY VAT POS is to provide best-of-breed solutions that are affordable for restaurants and retail establishments. That’s why we sell more than VAT POS systems – we sell complete point-of-sale solutions.

    View our Features

    Laundry POS Features

    Our Laundry POS contains everything you could want to run a professional and profitable laundry / dry cleaning service.

    Gives you the clarity, visibility and control you need to grow your business

    Saves you time and money by streamlining POS, inventory management, customer experience, and more.

    Effective Design

    Clean. Clear. Concise. A Point-of-Sale system that is easy to use and easy to teach to your team.

    Useful Notes

    Your customers’ preferences are important!
    Save those notes and have them at your fingertips when you need them most.

    Highly Customizable

    One size does not fit all. Need a different setting to better match your business? You can change it!

    Time Clock

    Time is money.
    Keep close tabs on workedhours and enforce punctuality with built-in labor management tools.

    Employee Theft Prevention

    Accountability is vital for managing a team, and when it’s your business every dollar counts.

    Customer Database

    Build a list of customers, save notes to their accounts, and see who your most valuable customers are so you can treat them like royalty!

    Commercial Billing

    Charge transactions to “On Account” and send weekly or monthly statements. Say “YES!” to big accounts! them like royalty!

    Loyalty Plans

    Show your best customers some love and keep them coming back! Digital punch-cards, bonus points, birthday rewards and more. them like royalty!

    Inventory Control

    List any product — track any inventory. You choose! Retail sales, two-for-one specials, kits, bulk pricing, stock levels – the sky’s the limit. them like royalty!

    Dry Cleaning Drop Site

    Become a one-stop-shop for your drop-off laundry customers by offering to take care of their dry cleaning, too

    Robust Reporting

    Review your business vitals and keep your team on track with over several, different reports to choose from.

    SMS / Email Notification

    Automatically send SMS / Email notification to your customers when their order is ready.

    UAE most Trusted Laundry Management Software

    Best cleaning services helping customers worldwide.

    More than 100 Laundry Shop is using our Laundry Management System POS.

    Laundry POS Has Over 1,000+ Users And Counting

    Making It The Most Trusted & Complete Laundry Management POS System On The Market.


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