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What is a Wash-and-Fold/Laundry Management Software UAE Laundry Service?

Laundry POS/Laundromat POS software Dubai and folding Laundry service is an onsite laundry service that washes, dries, and neatly folds the customer’s clothes and other items for pickup or delivery. The customer drops off clean clothes from the same location and then picks them up, or a driver picks up the laundry from the customer’s location, then washes, dries, folds, and delivers the clothes to the customer.

Our Laundromat software/laundry POS system/Laundry point of sale makes everything easy, from accepting payments to delivering laundry products to customers. Learn more about the best software for Laundromats of all sizes.

Laundry POS UAE

The Right POS System for Wash-And-Fold/POS System for Laundry Services

Laundromat software and POS systems/POS laundry software/Laundry POS system software/Laundry POS software must have specialized features for everything needed to run a successful laundry business. Our laundry point of sale/Laundry shop POS/Laundry point of sale system features include personal transactions, inventory management and tracking for services such as dry cleaning or washing and folding.

Point of Sale and Laundromat POS system

Manage orders, sales and payments in a system designed for the industry.

Machine Integration

Know everything about your machines: when they turn up, why they’re running, who uses them, and more.

Business Management

Access everything from Business Manager to better understand and operate your laundry business/Point of sale for Laundromats/Best Laundromat POS System.

Pickup & Delivery

Expand your market with pickup and delivery using your own drivers or the gig economy.

Transform your operations

  • Process payments with an integrated point of sale.
  • Adjust pricing and services at every location.
  • Manage employees from tasks to payroll.
  • Understand your machines with full asset tracking.
  • Monitor marketing efforts, revenue streams, and more.

We understand the complexity of starting, managing and growing a laundry business. That’s why we offer industry-leading customer support and a success team dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

Customizable POS for laundry shop solutions/Point of sale for laundry to run your business

  • Easy to use
  • Customer Management
  • Bill History
  • Payment Tracking
  • Receipt and Payment
  • Profit and Loss
  • Inventory Report

Best POS system for Laundromat

Inventory Management

Track your store inventory across multiple sales channels. Inventory management reports are generated using inventory purchasing and daily usage statistics, which helps in better sales management.


The accounts module on our laundry POS system/ laundry shop POS system/Wash & fold point of sale/Laundromat POS solutions comes packed with easy-to-use payment and receipt features to help store managers get easy access to their monthly and annual financial records.


Handle laundry operations from any device. Laundry POS software/ Laundromat point of sale system/Wash and fold POS software/POS for laundry/Laundry shop POS software can be installed on desktops, laptops and tablet device. Designed for easy installation, the user-friendly interface helps achieve your business needs.

Multi Device Compatibility

Handle your laundry business from anywhere. Our laundry machine point of sale/Laundromat point of sale/POS software for laundry/POS for laundry systems works on desktops, laptops and tablet devices. With easy installation, the POS is suited to meet all business needs.